It is certain that all that adventure and fun has transcended even the smallest ones at present, so a thematic party of Superman.


uperman came from the Krypton planet and has wonderful powers, but beware! Do not show him kryptonite because it weakens. At your party he will fight against the bad guys along with you and have fun with games and contests
SuperMan show in Miami Broward and Palm Beach will be unforgettable and your event a total success.
We serve all of South Florida, California, New York, Texas, Arizona


hese characters are the hosts at your party and they also dance and play. The boys will be fascinated!

• Presentacion de Superman y Cumpleañero
• Bailes con el Super Heroe
• Participacion en los juegos y en los concursos
• Sesion de fotos
• Participacion en la piñata
• Cancion del cumpleanos feliz
• Tipos de show de Superman: Ver en paquetes

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