Invite your friends to your Spiderman birthday party to test the superhero you wear inside.


pider-Man is a super hero who got his powers by a spider bite and now fights crime. Use your web to jump very tall buildings.
Would you like to fight against malefactors along with Spiderman? Invite him to your party!
The Spiderman show in Miami Broward and Palm Beach will be unforgettable and your event a total success.
We serve all of South Florida, California, New York, Texas, Arizona.


hese characters are the hosts at your party and they also dance and play. The boys will be fascinated!

  • Spiderman presentation
  • Participation in games and competitions
  • Dancing of different songs
  • Photo session with the Superhero
  • Participation in the piñata
  • Happy birthday song
  • Spiderman’s show types: See in packages
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